Rupak Basnet from Nepal tells his story of employing in Finland

I am from Nepal 29 years old mechanical engineer. I came to Finland in 2011 for bachelor program in HAMK University and graduated in 2015, my program was mechanical engineering and production technology. Then I started looking for job, but no luck, so I continued my job in cleaning since I needed some kind of job to get ‘’A’’ permit. I got admission in LUT for masters program in mechatronics system design and started my study in autumn 2017.

Why you chose Finland and what is your career goal?

After finishing high school in 2011, I was looking for further study opportunity away from my country. I was browsing my options, I wanted to go USA, but that did not go well. Then I came to know about Finland and it’s education system. I knew Nokia phone came from Finland and nothing else. I did my research and chose Finland. Luckily I got study place in the University and I landed in Finland. My career has been always engineering, so getting admission in engineering program in Finnish university was huge for me.

How did you find the work in Finland? 

Getting job was very very very challenging, after applying continuously for 2.5 years and god knows how many applications, I finally got hired. I was very pleased when I finally got an email which read: ’’Is this date okay for you to start the job? ‘’ Usually they would read ‘’ kiitos kiinnostuksestasi xyz oy:lle, valitettavasti tällä kertaa valinta ei kohdistunut sinun’’. My patience was tested to the limit, because of all those unsuccessful applications and few interviews (can be counted in fingers after sending out 100s of applications). Before 2018 or so, Finland’s work market was not open to foreigners specially outside of the EU. Most of my Finnish class mates did not have much, if not any difficulties in finding job after graduation, but many students like me are left with years of struggle. The biggest reason is of course the Finnish language skills.

In my case, I had decent Finnish language skills after all and I got the job. Interviews were conducted in Finnish and I tried my best. Since the company needed someone who had good Finnish language skill, I had mentioned that I speak good Finnish and have "suomalainen kansalaisuus". Though the different stages of interviews were in Finnish, they allowed me to speak in English also when needed. Hence as per my experience apart from the technical and academic skills, Finnish language is the most important skill one needs to work on, it will pay off.

The most important thing is never give up and keep applying, there is one position waiting for you!!