TalentHUB South-Karelia & Kaakon KOKKA project’s mission & vision


These projects are doing relevant job for the needs of the companies and international students in Southern Finland.


Here our project-assistant, Pavel Briuzga describes our mission in his own words.


What is our mission?


Firstly, we need to explain a bit what actual problem of the international students in Finland is. The big problem of Finnish recruitment system that there is a big need for the international specialists, but same time companies does not accept people with low level of Finnish language so our international students are not even getting a chance to show their knowledge to them.

Also, another relevant point is much more challenging: how to get job without connections in the company? This makes a lot of motivated and trained graduated students just leave the country.


TalentHUB & Kaakon KOKKA projects are here to help to solve these problems. Core concept of these projects is to connect the local companies and enterprises with international talents and to grow interest in recruiting international specialists as they might have some unique knowledge. At the same time these projects are aiming to fix the problem of job hunting and recruitment knowledge of international student in Finland.


The main point of TalentHUB South-Karelia


In the author’s opinion main advantage of the TalentHUB is being focused on companies, and then can connect the students and companies in South- Karelia region. It is key to success in our region - still there are people ready to upgrade their business with help of international students. For international specialists may got job mostly in Helsinki region, so it will be our big decision to help to find the job for students specifically in South-Karelia region.


Entrepreneurship is relevant part of TalentHUB. Part of students wants to have their own business, but they are missing support and guidance in developing their business.  TalentHUB is working in collaboration with Business Mill, which assist on all the stages with developing own business idea.


It is key to mention is that TalentHUB is working closely with students of LAB & LUT as its services created specifically for them.


I hope you get inspired from our mission and vision