The aim of the TalentHUB South Karelia project is to create an operating model that will help meet the growth and development challenges of the SMEs in the region. The operating model aims to quickly design the company's competence needs and to combine the competence needs and the talent. In addition, the project aims to increase knowledge-based entrepreneurship among international talents.

This project goal will be achieved according to the wishes of the companies , based on active legwork.

The TalentHUB South Karelia operating model built in this way creates the conditions for deeper and more effective interaction between entrepreneurs and international talents.

Universities educate domestic and international experts for the needs of companies in our area. It is essential that companies in the region can exploit this potential.

Close cooperation between cities, development companies and universities increases efficiency and effectiveness in meeting the needs of business. The actors have a common interest in increasing the vitality of the region, accelerating the growth and development of companies and promoting the employment of international students. In order for innovation competence to grow, it is important to utilize the knowledge base e.g. in recruitment, and in forming the need for expertise in both university and authority co-operation.

The project is managed by LAB University of Applied Sciences and the co-implementers are LUT University, the City of Lappeenranta and Imatra Region Development Company Ltd.

The project is an ERDF project funded by the Regional Council of South Karelia.