Pavel Briuzga and his story: 

How confidence and hard-working helps to pass all recruitment challenges in Finland 

Pavel Briuzga is a 21-year-old last year student at LAB University of Applied Sciences and full of determination. His home city is St. Petersburg, while the idea of moving to the small Finish town near Russian border was Pavel’s initiative as he enjoyed living among kind and friendly Finnish people and felt in love with Finnish countryside, where he can spend hours outdoors. 


Pavel’s big idea is to stay forever in Finland and create something new in fashion industry of this country. Exploring menswear from early years motivated Pavel to open his own clothing brand, which will combine relaxed and elegant look with Finnish student culture. Entrepreneurship is a big part of Pavel’s work, for now creating clear business plan is a real challenge for him. Business Mill provided a lot of guidance and motivation to Pavel in his first year of studies, so it changed his mind from negative to positive regarding opening his own business. 


During studies in university, internship, working in practice is compulsory part of students’ study program all over Finland. Finland is a country with extremely hard recruitment system, which is mostly targeted to the Finns, while international students have no clear vision how to search and apply for a job, and what are the needs and requirements of employers in Finland. Pavel was one of the students who were challenged by the same problem in the Spring of 2021. He already had some working experience in Finland, but still direct approach to companies did not bring any success in recruitment. Pavel got more than 100 rejections from companies, but it did not break his motivation to work and contribute to Finland. His business coordinator Kaisa Vainikka and teacher Tuula Hämäläinen finally gave him a chance to work. They were impressed Pavel’s former activity and knowledge in TalentHUB South-Karelia's main point. Project work was also good way to get actual experience of making professional tasks in marketing and other business field.  


TalentHUb is one of the projects where Pavel worked, because he was inspired by the big idea of helping international students to find a job in Finland. Connecting employers and graduating students will improve the recruitment situation in South-Karelia and maybe in whole Finland in future. Pavel is highly motivated to work on this project because his mission is to be the very first international talent to get a job through the platform which he is now developing with the TalentHUB team.  


In Pavel's opinion: “TalentHUB & Business Mill are operators which changed my mind a lot and provided me an opportunity to strengthen my professional skills”.