How to use LinkedIn to increase your chance to get employed


Nowadays, digitalization of the recruitment process is becoming more and more commonly used.  LinkedIn is one of the platforms which is increasing the value of networking to get the job easier than in a standard recruitment process. Huge number of organizations use LinkedIn for finding new talents. However, the process of creating connections between employers and new talents is not so unambiguous.

Networking in LinkedIn

TalentHUB team believes that process of creating connections is one of the most valuable for young talents.  Due to current changes in our life, we interact with each other digitally more frequently than before. Networking is a simple idea, but power of Networking lets you share your ideas, values and beliefs via different tools available in the LinkedIn or any other platform which you are using. LinkedIn networking will be much easier in groups, which are aiming at specific industries and interests. Joining groups that align with your goals and interests will give you the opportunity to meet others in your industry, share knowledge, exchange ideas, and form new professional relationships. Just like in the whole employment process persistence is playing key role in building connections with new people.


What benefits you will get from networking in LinkedIn groups?

Networking is more than just chatting with like-minded people. Joining a networking group is also a big opportunity to grow in professional and employment field.  Sharing beliefs and views might make you more attractive for the potential employers, which could invite you to a job interview, because you might have expressed the same values as an employer. Your entrepreneurship perspective could also be affected by networking. Group in LinkedIn could provide useful people to build up your dream team or make a new step in developing your own business. Finally, LinkedIn group could help you with personal development.


For example, TalentHUB & Kaakon Kokka created LinkedIn group, which is aiming at increasing the knowledge of international students about Finnish recruitment system. This group is aiming at building connections between international students and companies in Southeast Finland. Assisting students in learning Finnish language and increasing familiarity with specific features of Finnish employment processes are the main development routes for the LinkedIn group. (



To sum up, we can say that networking is playing a key role in building your own career. Sharing ideas and experiences is much easier than it was before. At the same time, with developing online platforms for finding connections is possible even by sitting alone at home with your computer. It is also important to mention that the employment market has changed a lot with i. So, we hope this article inspired you to start networking more actively.